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Position posted on: February 28th, 2018

Get on track with our On-Board Reward Program!

A&B Rail Services strives to attract people of the highest calibre who are passionate about the railway industry. In support of this, we are proud to present A&B Rail Services’ new On-Board Reward Program! As an employee of A&B Rail Services or one of the subsidiary companies, if you refer a friend for one of our designated ERB (Employee Referral Bonus) positions, you and the candidate may be eligible to earn a one-time On-Board Reward CASH Bonus. 

Check out our job postings below. All current ERB positions that may be eligible for an On-Board Reward will have the acronym “ERB” included in the job posting title. Cash Rewards for these roles may range from $500.00 – $3,000.00.

 On-Board Reward Program Eligibility Details

Eligible Employee Details

  • Employee referring the applicant must be an active employee for A&B Rail Services or one of the subsidiary companies as per all of the following:
    • At the time when the referral was submitted, and
    • At the time the candidate they referred is hired, and
    • At the time the referred candidate successfully completes their eligibility.

Eligible Candidate Details

  • All of the following must be true for a candidate to be eligible for the program:
    • The referred candidate has completed 90 days of employment and is in good standing with the Company;
    • The candidate was correctly referred by the employee.

Referral Process Details

  • E-mail and indicate in the subject line: “Employee Candidate Referral for position (identify position)”
  • Within the body of the e-mail, please identify:
    • The candidates full name,.
    • The referring employees’ name and position,.
    • Attach the candidates resume (which should include their contact information).
  • If the candidate applies directly online (by clicking on an advertised posting on our website), the candidate must identify the referring employee in their original online application submission. On the “Contact Information” screen, they will be asked how they heard about our organization. They will then need to select “Employee Referral” from the drop down list and then to indicate the name of the current referring employee.

Please contact Human Resources at

Please click on the position title to apply directly to the role you are interested in.

British Columbia

Alberta / Saskatchewan / Manitoba



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