A&B Rail Services is a full-service railroad contractor, offering a variety of rail services from coast to coast, in every railway sector, and on any size project. Our full range of solutions include:


New Construction  – A&B Rail Services is an expert in all avenues and aspects of railroad construction, from the finer points of design and engineering review to the crucial nature of project and construction management.


Production and Rehabilitation – A&B Rail Services operates high-experience, high-production steel and tie crews with a proven ability to deliver any size railway production or rehabilitation project.


LRT Construction and Maintenance  – A&B Rail Services is the right choice to bring new transit opportunities into busy urban centres and to keep existing LRT systems operating smoothly.


Track Inspection and Maintenance  – A&B Rail Services proudly offers scheduled maintenance programs that ensure that a qualified track inspector visits, assesses, and reports back on the condition of your railway tracks at specified times throughout the year.


Signals and Communications  – A&B Rail Services is an expert in the installation and maintenance of traffic controls for all aspects of railway operations including warning and wayside signals, and specialty communications.


Track Protection  – A&B Rail A&B Rail Services’ Track Protection experts will keep your people and your capital assets safe around the movement of trains and whenever a contractor’s work has the potential to interfere with active operatives, while ensuring work does not compromise the safety of railway operations.

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