Production & Rehabilitation

Get back on the track with AB Rail Services Ltd.


Maximize your train operation time and minimize track disruption by choosing A&B Rail Services’ experienced, efficient, and safety conscious Production and Rehabilitation division. Our dedicated crews have the know-how and best-in-class equipment to change out ties, lay rail, and conduct surfacing and ballasting. The Result: Professionally completed work done safely with minimal disruptions in customer train traffic.

Production and Rehabilitation Services Offerings:

  • Tie replacement

  • Replacing or laying new rail

  • Re-surfacing

  • Track alignment

  • Ballasting for stability, drainage, and support


Why choose A&B Rail Services?

A&B Rail Services operates high-experience, high-production steel and tie crews with a proven ability to deliver any size railway production or rehabilitation project.

We proudly serve and maintain year-over-year business support from two prominent Class 1 rail companies, CN Rail and CP Rail. Our long-term service relationships also extend to high performing industrial players, regional railways, and urban LRT systems across Canada.

We know that strong relationships and business acumen go the distance in the rail business. Our teams develop and stick with detailed work plans that make every minute count. They deliver projects on-time, on budget, and meet or exceed all applicable customer and Transport Canada standards.


Capability Backed by Credibility

At A&B Rail Services, we know that performance measures matter. More than this, we know that our ability to plan and then deliver according to that plan is what keeps our clients coming back.

To demonstrate our strengths, we detail our project specifications, budgets, and timelines. We are certain that, whatever your needs, we can offer you maximum efficiency and value, coupled with minimum delays and disruption to your operations.

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