Track Inspection & Maintenance

Get the most out of your track with A&B Rail Services Ltd.



Your tracks are an investment, and A&B Rail Services offers essential inspection and maintenance services to keep your rail operations running safely and at peak performance.

We recommend regular, comprehensive track inspections performed by our qualified track inspectors. Our inspection teams are also able to couple routine and minor track maintenance with their inspection services.

Track Inspection and Maintenance Offerings:

  • Non-destructive baseline track inspections

  • Non-destructive routine track inspections

  • Scheduled maintenance programs


Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection:

We know every foot of your track is critical to your operations. We know that regular and thorough inspections by trusted and skilled experts are both good for business and industry requirements. We also know it has been challenging to access inspection services that understand your requirements and prioritize you needs. This is why our Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection team is 100 per cent dedicated to meeting your specialized requirements across your rail network. Our new Rail Flaw Detection service is one more step in building a one stop shop, where  we can provide you, our valued customer, with a single source rail maintenance program that works for you.


Why choose A&B Rail Services?

A&B Rail Services has over 50 years of experience in track maintenance with established maintenance crews in communities and industrial locations across Canada. These teams’ local knowledge and dedicated client partnerships lend to productive, safe, and well-maintained railways. Our strength is ensuring your tracks remain in optimal operating conditions – meeting and exceeding the requirements set by Transport Canada.


Maintaining Your Tracks and Peace of Mind

As a full-service railroad contractor, we are positioned, at your direction, to respond to track deficiencies, including track rehabilitation or replacement. Our peace of mind approach also extends to your business planning. Scheduled track maintenance returns long-term savings on capital costs, operational down-time, and offers more certainty for operational budgets and capital forecasting.



“Your willingness to adapt to our needs, work in unison with our goals, and facilitate all of our “ever changing” yard movements has been handled with great aplomb, always in a professional manner, and always with the greatest work ethic and attitude.“

– Blair C Pepper, Pembina NGL Corporation

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