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Metrolinx Mimico Layover

Project Profile

Supply and construction of four new steel tie layover tracks at Metrolinx’s Willowbrook Facility.


The Project

New Track Construction: A&B Rail Services was awarded the material supply and construction contract to build 4 new 12 car consist layover tracks at their Willowbrook Facility located in Mississauga, Ontario. The scope of this work required our team of experienced and passionate rail professionals to complete construction of approximately 14,000 feet of new track, including six new #10 steel tie turnouts, switch heaters, rail seal, thermite welding, surfacing and destressing.



  • Preparing work plans methodologies
  • Arrange for the procurement and delivery of track, turnouts, and associated wayside equipment
  • Removal of approximately 11,500’ of existing track
  • Construction of 14,000’ of 100# steel tie layover track
  • Maintaining existing layover operation intact through construction
  • Installing six new #10 steel tie turnouts
  • Flash butt welding of approximately 5 miles of 100# pw rail
  • Ballasting, surfacing, destressing, thermite and flash butt welding
  • Installing rubber rail seal


The Result

A satisfied client and another quality project completed. A&B Rail Services was able to successfully meet Metrolinx’s requirements and expectations while delivering a safe and quality product and service to the community. For Metrolinx this means confidence in their site being constructed by a group of skilled and experienced rail specialists that are specially trained to work in this highly regulated environment. Metrolinx puts a great emphasis on safety, therefore things do not happen unless all aspects of safety are identified. This includes regulations, hazard assessment, permits, etc. As safety is A&B Rail Services’ number one priority, this client’s expectations are easily met. For A&B Rail Services, it means another satisfied customer in our 50-year journey to become Canada’s largest, most-experienced, and most sought-after rail Services Company.