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Oakville Subdivision

Project Profile

Road widening of Metrolinx’s Fourth Line level crossing in Oakville Ontario.


The Project

Signals, Communications & New Track Construction: Through competitive bidding, teamed with Royal Ready Contracting, A&B Rail Services was awarded the track and signals construction portion for the expansion of Metrolinx’s Fourth Line at grade level crossing. The scope of this work required our team of experienced and passionate rail professionals to complete multiple tasks simultaneously in a high traffic area comprised of three high speed mainline tracks, fully automated signal protection, and passenger trains moving at speeds upwards of 80 MPH.



  • Work plans methodologies and test plans
  • Procurement and delivery of track and signal materials
  • Specialty railway equipment supply
  • Site survey
  • Removal of existing crossing gates
  • Installation of new crossing gates
  • Shop assembly and wiring of new signal bungalow
  • Directional drilling and field cable installation
  • Removal and dispose of abandoned pole lines
  • Development of hazard mitigation procedure for the safe removal of hydro poles
  • Pre-welding six strings of new 136# rail, including IJ’s and 132/136# transition rails
  • Pre-plating the required 400+ ties
  • Removing existing, and replacing new track ballast
  • Assembling and constructing track panels
  • Pre-ballasting
  • Maneuvering track panels into position, ballasting, surfacing, stabilizing, destressing and welding
  • Installing rubber mud rails
  • Final testing and Commissioning of new installation


The Result

A satisfied client and another quality project completed. A&B Rail Services was able to successfully meet the Town of Oakville’s and GO Transit’s requirements and expectations while delivering a safe and quality product and service to the community. For Metrolinx this means confidence in their site being constructed by a group of skilled and experienced rail specialists that are specially trained to work in this highly regulated environment. Metrolinx puts a great emphasis on safety, therefore things do not happen unless all aspects of safety are identified. This includes regulations, hazard assessment, permits etc. As safety is A&B Rail Services’ number one priority, this client’s expectations are easily met. For A&B Rail Services, it means another satisfied customer in our 50-year journey to become Canada’s largest, most-experienced, and most sought-after rail Services Company.