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Project Profile

Expansion and upgrade to the Pembina NGL Rail Yard.


The Project

New Track Construction: A&B Rail Services was hired to complete a rail yard expansion for Pembina’s facility in Gibbons, Alberta. The scope of this project included the removal of 2,200 feet of track, re-grading of rail bed, installation of crossings and the construction of approximately 8,000 feet of new track and 6 turnouts, while communicating with site logistics personnel to ensure the site remain active and able to service their customers. Maintenance duties such as switch adjustments, correcting surface deviations and welding of switch points, rail burns were also required throughout the project.



  • Removal of  2,200 track feet of track
  • Re-grading/re-profiling rail bed
  • Extending tracks
  • Install of crossings
  • Resurfacing of existing track
  • 8,000 track feet of new track
  • 6 turnouts


The Result

A satisfied client and another quality project completed. The successful completion of a project of this size under the pressure of working in an active site is an excellent example that A&B Rail Services project management expertise, capabilities, and commitment to Doing It Right. Pembina puts a great emphasis on safety and risk management, therefore things do not happen unless all aspects of safety are identified. This includes hiring A&B Rail Services to perform various maintenance duties as well as emergency call-outs to repair damage due to derailments throughout the site. As safety is A&B Rail Services’ number one priority, this client’s expectations are easily met by our expertly trained crews backed by any required equipment and materials all on hand. For A&B Rail Services, it means another satisfied customer in our 50-year journey to become Canada’s largest, most-experienced and most sought-after rail services company.