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Ruel, Caramat, Allanwater & Reddit Subdivision

The Project

A&B Rail Services was hired as a general contractor by CN Rail to provide signals support services for the  Ruel, Caramat, Allanwater, and Reddit Subdivisions in Northern Ontario.



  • Interrail ground enhancers
  • Pinbrazing and plug-in type bonding dependent on regional requirements
  • Replacement of existing coded and non-coded CTC track circuit housings with ground enhancement canisters
    • Each new ground enhancer required a circuit breakdown, earth ground testing and track circuit setup, CWTD crossing deactivations, CWTD crossing calibrations, and testing results retention


The Result

A satisfied client and another quality project completed. This enormous project is a prime example of A&B Rail Services expertise, capabilities, and commitment to Doing It Right. As the safety of our team, our client, and the public has always been A&B Rail Services’ number one priority, procedures and systems were put in place to ensure all goals and safety standards were met. For CN Rail’s Ruel, Caramat, Allanwater, and Reddit Subdivision, the successful completion of these additions and upgrades meant that the subdivision now had 750 ground enhancers protecting thousands of dollars of CN equipment. Northern Ontario is prone to increased equipment failure attributed to electrical storms in the summer months. These equipment failures create maintenance trouble calls, large budgetary overruns and ultimately train delays. Work completed by A&B Rail Services was integral in the reduction of these occurrences resulting in a vast reduction in trouble calls which directly reduced maintenance costs and train delays. Upon the successful completion of this project, 2 additional A&B Rail Services crews were hired to install enhancers on CN Rail’s Caramat, Allanwater, and Reddit subdivisions. In total, approximately seven hundred-fifty (750) ground enhancers were installed during the length of the project.