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Weston Subdivision

Project Profile

Installation of main line track and the full depth reconstruction of existing main line track for Metrolinx’s Weston Subdivision.


The Project

LRT Construction: A&B Rail Services was hired as a subcontractor to install main line track and complete a full depth reconstruction of existing track for Metrolinx in Toronto, ON. The scope of this project included the installation of 10,500 track feet of new temporary diversion main line track, 6,700 track feet of new main line track, and rehabilitate 2,500 track feet of existing mainline track for the new Union Pearson (UP) Express. This addition to the Metrolinx Weston subdivision commuter line linked the Toronto International Airport and Toronto’s downtown district. In addition to this, A&B Rail Service provided crews to simultaneously complete track construction for the Bloor and Weston Stations situated on the UP Express mainline.



  • 10,500 track feet of new temporary diversion main line track
  • 6,700 track feet of new main line track
  • 2,500 track feet of rehabilitated track
  • Replacement of 12,000 track ties
  • 500 thermite welds
  • 2 turnout removals and replacements
  • Dapped tie replacement on 2 timber deck bridges
  • Signals support to maintain the signal system for both the rail corridor and throughout the track construction process



The Result

A satisfied client and another quality project completed. The successful completion of a project of this size is an excellent example of A&B Rail Services project management expertise, capabilities, and commitment to Doing It Right. There were a number of significant challenges which arose during this project that A&B Rail Services was able to overcome. Some of these included poor access to work areas, severe winter conditions, maintaining an aggressive timeline, working in an active rail corridor that supported three separate commuter routes (Newmarket, Weston, and Galt South), and ensuring all required resources were on hand to meet the client’s needs. As the safety of our team, our client, and the public has always been A&B Rail Services’ number one priority, procedures and systems were put in place to ensure all goals and safety standards were met. For A&B Rail Services, it means another satisfied customer in our 50-year journey to become Canada’s largest, most-experienced, and most sought-after rail services company.