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Track Protection / Flagging

Where you have workers or equipment engaged near an active track you have a need to ensure you are properly protected and that your work is organized and executed in such a way that you will not interfere with safe railway operations.

A&B Rail Services’ Track Protection professionals are Canadian Railway Operating Rules (CROR) certified. We keep your people and your capital assets safe whenever a contractor’s work, including our own construction and maintenance activities, have the potential to interfere with active operations.

Track Protection Offerings:

  • CROR qualified flagman
  • Protection for people and machinery on or near railway tracks
  • Delivering custom solutions for all environments

We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to provide track protection for:

  • Class 1 and short line railroads
  • Industry served by rail
  • LRT systems

Why choose A&B Rail Services?

Our team has the skills, experience, and knowledge to inform contractors when it is necessary and imperative to pull back personnel and equipment in order to secure a project area for the safe movement or passage of trains.

Effective Communications for Safe Operations

In your yards, terminals, and rail lines nothing matters more than effective and safe operations. A&B Rail Services will work as a trusted business partner with a commitment to the viability of your operations. Third-party solutions do not need to feel third-hand to your operations. We will deliver timely and appropriate reporting that meets your requirements and put safety and efficiency first.