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Green and healthy facilities

As a national railway services and solutions provider, our operations take us into every environment imaginable.

Our goal is to operate and maintain green and healthy facilities that contribute to a sustainable future. We’re proud to be part of an industry with limited environmental impacts, and environmental requirements that include assessments, biodiversity and ecosystem protection measures, and clean-up and remediation activities. The rail industry is also the most energy efficient method of moving freight over land. Rail is reported to emit six times less greenhouse gas emissions than heavy trucks. We make every effort to mitigate and minimize the environmental impacts associated with operating our facilities and equipment.

Our environmental policy framework and operational procedures that span six categories include:

  • Waste Management
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Procuring certified-green products
  • Water Conservation
  • Energy Conservation and ensuring healthy interior environments
  • Education

Our policies and practices in these areas guide our staff to make the most environmentally responsible and sustainable choices. We know that sustainability is best achieved by design and action. For this reason, we have designed our work facilities to include sensor lighting, green-certified products, and recycling receptacles. We’ve also ensured our people, through education, training, and job requirements, choose the right actions when it comes to disposing of hazardous waste, conserving water, re-using shipping materials and much more.