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Specialty equipment that delivers result.

When we made a commitment to be Canada’s #1 choice for rail services and projects across Canada, we made a commitment to provide Canada’s top fleet of specialty equipment.

A&B Rail Services owns and operates a modern and well-maintained fleet of more than 650 pieces of specialty railway equipment expressly and exclusively designed to perform all required rail-related functions safely and efficiently. In addition, we also own and operate a fleet of 550 light to heavy hi-rail and regular trucks. This extensive inventory is divided among three regional mechanical shops, which employ our own internal team of qualified technicians. We have the capacity to perform all rail-related functions for Class 1 & 2, short line, industry and LRT/transit clients safely and efficiently.

It is our policy to annually inspect our equipment prior to deployment to jobs and renew or overhaul equipment following a pre-determined maintenance lifecycle plan. We maintain strict records including service logs, daily inspection logs, and maintenance logs. Our fleet is renewed or overhauled based on an established useful life by asset classby a team of qualified staff members. We are proud of our equipment program which has consistently produced over 95% working serviceability for our fleet. Less mechanical downtime means better safety and more productivity.

Mark IV Tampers

  • Jupiter System
  • Double Barrel Receivers
  • Tie Finder
  • mark IV tamper

Production Ballast Regulators

  • Knox Kershaw 925
  • Knox Kershaw 850
  • Kershaw 46-6
  • Kershaw 46-2
  • Production Ballast Regulators

Tie and Rail Equipment

  • 445 Pettibone Speedswing
  • 441 Pettibone Speedswing
  • Nordco TRIPP tie inserters
  • Nordco CX Auto-spiker / Guager
  • Knox Kershaw KTC1200 – Tie Cranes
  • Nordco SP2R Dual Spike puller
  • Nordco Auto-Lifts
  • Tie and Rail Equipment


  • 10 Ton Hi-Rail Boom Truck w/Air. ARA Knuckle, magnet and bins
  • 3 Ton TFO Crew Cab
  • 2 Ton Hi-Rail Crew Cab
  • 1 Ton Hi-Rail Crew Cab