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Regional Municipality of Waterloo LRT

The Project

A&B Rail Services was hired to support GrandLinq Contractors in the construction of the first stage of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo Ontario LRT system.



  • 4 Kilometers of Double Mainline Track
  • 500 Thermite Welds
  • 11,500 Concrete Ties
  • 14 #4 Turnouts in the OMSF Yard
  • Drilling, piloting and installing restraining rails
  • 1 #8 and 2 #10 Crossovers on M/L Track
  • 1 #10 M/L Turnout


The Result

A satisfied client and another quality project completed. Recognizing the challenges to existing infrastructure and future transportation requirements due to a rapidly increasing population with projections indicating 10,000 new residents each year over the next 20 years, all levels of Government in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo are committed to investing over a billion dollars into an update for the region-wide Transit system Capital LRT transportation system. For GrandLinq Contractors, this meant a new LRT service which will move people more efficiently, connect essential services, help local business, reduce the need to expand roads through established neighbourhoods, and protect environmentally sensitive areas and some of the best agricultural farmland in Ontario. For A&B Rail, it means another satisfied customer in our 50-year journey to become Canada’s largest, most-experienced and most sought-after rail services company.

After the successful completion of this project, the client requested further assistance from our team. To complete the scope of our client’s additional work, supplementary crews and equipment were added to our crew to complete a new section of concrete tie ballasted track. The scope of this construction included activities such as the installation of  concrete ties, lay, weld and destress rail, perform ballasting and surfacing duties, install a crossover, and complete required installation of other special track work on the mainline and in the OSMF yard.